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The issue of taxation is often the most critical aspect to the success of our clients’ individual, business and estate planning goals. The Law Office of Tamara W. Murock, PLLC assists clients in all aspects of Federal, state and local taxation, including income tax, estate and gift tax, deferred compensation, sales and use tax, business and occupation tax, and other tax matters relevant to individuals, businesses, estates, trusts and other entities or associations in Washington, Idaho and Montana.

We provide knowledgeable advice and experienced representation to assist clients in tax planning, tax resolution, tax penalty abatement, application for tax exempt status, offers in compromise, and other matters of Federal, state and local taxation.

Business and Corporate Planning

The needs and goals of a business grow and change over time. The Law Office of Tamara W. Murock, PLLC understands this, and is able to provide reliable and comprehensive services to business clients in all aspects of forming, purchasing, operating, reorganizing, dissolving or selling a business in Washington, Idaho and Montana.

We represent both for profit and nonprofit businesses and entities, including sole proprietorships, family-owned businesses, partnerships, limited liability companies, S corporations, C corporations, charitable organizations, homeowners’ associations and other entities and associations throughout Washington, Idaho and Montana.

We take the time to discuss business goals, the advantages and disadvantages of conducting business operations in a particular form of entity, and the duties and liabilities of business owners, officers and directors. We counsel clients throughout the operations of a business and assist in all matters that may arise during business operations, including filing and reporting requirements, corporate governance and documentation, federal, state and local taxation, employment, deferred compensation, and contract drafting, interpretation and dispute resolution.

Wills, Trusts and Guardianships

The Law Office of Tamara W. Murock, PLLC offers informed, strategic and experienced legal advice and services in the drafting of wills, trusts, health care directives, powers of attorney and other personal legal instruments to meet clients’ individual, financial and tax planning needs.

We take the time to provide clients and their families with the information necessary to make the most appropriate estate planning decisions. The firm assists in exploring all available options and alternatives in estate planning in order to allow clients to protect their loved ones on their death, to minimize applicable estate and income tax consequences, and to make their health care decisions known in the event they should become incapacitated. We also represent clients in guardianship matters when a person cannot care for themselves because of illness or mental incapacity.

Complex Estate Planning

The Law Office of Tamara W. Murock, PLLC has extensive experience working with clients to develop and implement sophisticated estate and gift planning strategies to accomplish their tax and non-tax goals. This service includes drafting complex wills, revocable trusts, durable powers of attorney for financial and healthcare purposes, and healthcare directives to help ensure consistency in a client’s estate plan.

We are also experienced in advising clients on the appropriate vehicles to accomplish their estate and gift giving goals, including utilizing Family Limited Liability Companies and Family Limited Partnerships, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, lifetime gifts and charitable giving, and other vehicles suitable to each client’s specific needs. We take the time to analyze each aspect of our clients’ personal and business assets and obligations in order to develop effective estate planning solutions.

Probate and Estate Settlement

After the loss of a loved one, an attorney familiar with probate, estate and trust settlement can assist in the orderly settlement and distribution of estate and trust assets. The Law Office of Tamara W. Murock, PLLC has experience representing clients in all aspects of estate and trust administration regardless of the size of the estate or trust, or the value of the assets.

The firm represents personal representatives and trustees in matters such as commencing probate, funding trusts, filing applicable estate and trust tax returns, and representing the personal representative or trustee in the administration of the estate or trust. We also represent beneficiaries of estates and trusts, striving to resolve issues that may arise during administration with the goal of offering creative non-litigious avenues to resolve estate or trust disputes.

Commercial and Business Transactions

The Law Office of Tamara W. Murock, PLLC represents clients in all aspects of commercial and business transactions. These transactions include negotiating, drafting and resolving issues relating to commercial and business agreements, or other documentation such as business purchase or sale agreements, covenants not to compete, security agreements, letters of intent, license agreements and other commercial or business contracts, covenants or commitments.

We have experience in complex commercial and business transactions such as buy-sell arrangements, redemptions, business mergers and tax-free reorganizations, and the purchase, sale and dissolution of businesses. We represent clients in resolving disputes or other issues that may arise in the context of commercial and business transactions, with a goal of resolving such disputes and issues in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Real Property and Land Use

The Law Office of Tamara W. Murock, PLLC represents individuals, businesses, homeowners’ associations, trusts and other entities in real property and land use matters. These matters include real estate purchase and sale agreements, deeds, deeds of trust and mortgages, easements, covenants, adverse possession, earnest money agreements, real estate contracts and lease agreements, among others.

Additionally, we represent homeowners’ associations in matters of formation and structuring the applicable governing documents, compliance with applicable covenants and obligations, collection of association dues, and in land use matters before the appropriate governing board or authority.